AEG Foundation plays a key role in the success of our profession.

Established by three Past Presidents of the Association of Engineering Geologists (AEG) in 1992, the AEG Foundation plays a key role in the success of our profession. The AEG Foundation's vision is to create a culture of giving back to the profession, and to instill complete confidence in donors that their money is well-invested and well-spent. Our core programs emphasize scholarship, research, and professional development to improve professional practice. We support outreach to increase the public's appreciation of environmental and engineering geology in geo-hazard evaluation and risk reduction.

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AEG Foundation Documents

Looking for anything from Policies to Newsletters?  Click here to see the current and historical AEG Foundation Newsletters; Annual Reports, Meeting Minutes, Financial documents, Bylaws, and Policies.

Board of Directors

Duane Kreuger, President
Duane Kreuger, RG
President (Deceased)
Deceased May 26, 2024

Enjoyed fishing, camping, and BBQing
Anna Saindon, Vice President (1)
Anna Saindon, PE, RG, PhD
Vice President
Senior Environmental Project Manager at Geotechnology, LLC

Enjoys gardening, crafting, and martial arts

Rosalind Munro, Secretary
Roz Munro, PG, CEG
Principal Engineering Geologist at Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions

Favorite part of the job is geohazard remediation.
Matthew Morris, Treasurer
Matt Morris, PG
Principal Engineering Geologist at Gannett Fleming, Inc

Enjoys golfing, fishing, hunting, and skiing.
Matt Brunengo
Adjunct associate professor of Geology at Portland State University

An active AEG member in a variety of positions since 1981.
Screen Shot 2024-03-16 at 1.47.13 PM
Lon Michael Cooper, P.E., LPG
Environmental and Engineering Geology Consultant.

Has worked on projects in all fifty states except for North Dakota and Hawaii
Bill Haneberg, Director
Bill Haneberg
Geological and Geohazards Consultant

Former Jahns lecturer and Holdredge award recipient working at the geohazards-climate-policy nexus.
Bruce Hilton, Director
Bruce Hilton
Retired - Self-employed Engineering Geologist.

Enjoys travel, golf, and hiking adventures.
Marty Goff_director (1)
Marty Goff, PG
Senior Geologist for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Advisor on Geology at USACE Headquarters since 2009.
Mark Molinari
Mark Molinari
Semi-retired Environmental and Engineering Geologist

Enjoys spending time with family and friends and travel.

Nichole Vetter, Director
Nichole Vetter, PG
Environmental Affairs Advisor, FedEx Ground

Is a past recipient of the Douglas R. Piteau award (2011).

Alex Vazquez, Operations Manager
Alex Vazquez
Operations Manager
Operations and organizational development consultant - Self Employed

Enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.


The AEG Foundation is successful due in large part to the time and expertise our volunteers provide. The AEG Foundation Board of Directors fill the following committees.

Finance Committee - Responsible for the investments of the Foundation, the review of annual budgets, and financial reports.

Nominations Committee - Recruits new Directors and officers for the AEG Foundation.

Programs Committee - Plans and implements the Foundation funds. This includes periodic reviews of existing fund charters and review of proposed new fund charters.

Get Involved!

There are positions and activities for everyone to get involved, whether you have 2 hours or 20. The following positions and activities accept volunteers from outside the AEG Foundation Board of Directors
Contact staff@aegfoundation.org if interested.


Works with internal and external publications and media to promote and advertise Foundation activities. This includes the AEG Foundation Facebook page, AEG Foundation website, AEG Insider, AEG News, educational facilities, and other professional organizations.

Donor Reception

Plan, organize, and coordinate an annual reception for donors, which is held during the AEG Annual Meeting. While most of the coordination is done by the AEG Foundation President and AEG, planning, organizing, and set up on the day of the meeting is always helpful.

Scholarship Committees

Our most popular volunteer opportunity.  The committees review the scholarship applicants each year and make recommendations to the BOD on scholarship recipients. 


Silent Auction

A yearly function coincides with the AEG Annual Meeting, where we solicit items for auctioning, set up the online auction, and advertise for it. All donations received from the silent auction are earmarked for the designated scholarship for that year.

Learn More


Sections, chapters, or individuals often do matching or other fundraising events to raise support for a specific scholarship or fund. 

These can be as small as a "pass the hat" at the Section and/or Chapter meeting or as entertaining as a wine tasting event.  Powerpoints and other supporting information is included in the Get Involved section of the website.

Quick Facts

  • Federal Tax Identification Number is 94-3168991.
  • California Registry of Charitable Trusts number is CT87308.
  • California Corporation number is C1524975.
  • Eleven-member Board of Directors meets at the table twice a year and by telephone conference several times a year. Directors donate their time and expenses to attend board meetings.
  • Board governance includes: formal agendas and minutes, annual budget process, annual accounting reviews by a CPA who also prepares tax/information returns, contract part-time Operations Manager, Bylaws, Policies and Fund Charters that set fund operating criteria and goals for every fund. Books are kept on the accrual basis and in accordance with nonprofit accounting standards.
  • We maintain Directors and Officers insurance, and general liability insurance.
  • We have Board Policies on Investment, Conflict of Interest, Compliance, Expense Reimbursement, Anti-harassment, Whistleblower, Document Retention, Board Member Expectations, Foundation Gift Acceptance, and Donor Privacy.
  • Member: California Association of Nonprofits, Member # 7329
  • We file these tax and information returns:

    • Federal form 990
    • California form 199
    • California form RRF-1, Attorney General's Registry of Charitable Trusts
    • California Secretary of State form 100

  • Listed in GuideStar as AEG Foundation.