It doesn't matter if you have 2 hours or 20, $5 or $5,000, there are many ways to get involved in the AEG Foundation including activities that help spread the word about the profession and available funds to kids, college students, teachers, professors, and professionals as well as fundraising for your favorite fund.

Don't have much time? Try these ways to advocate for your profession and help the next generation. Take a photo and write a few lines about your efforts, and we'll be happy to show the awesome work you are doing!

Email photos and description to so we can highlight your efforts!

Present at K-12 schools

Introduce kids to geosciences and geoengineering.

Scout Badges

The Scouts need geoscience professionals for badges!

Grassroots fundraising

"Pass the hardhat" or double your impact by saying you'll match the funds.

Silent Auction

Quality and fun donations and bidders are needed.  More information here

Thinking about everyone that has helped you in the profession and are willing to donate a bit more time or money?

AEG Foundation committees

Review scholarships, social media posts, website articles, and more. Contact

Planned Giving

Help the next generation even after you are gone. More information on the Planned Giving section on the Ways to Donate page. 

Talk to Professors

Get the word out on funds available to help students with research, field camps, and tuition!

Fundraising Events

Get social and raise money for your favorite fund.

Additional Resources

- Powerpoints


3 slides; general information; widescreen format

- Click here.

Short- Full screen

3 slides; general information; full screen format

- Click Here


20+ slides including all funds for choosing what you need; widescreen format

Coming late summer


20+ slides including all funds for choosing what you need; full screen format

Coming late summer 

Jahns' Lecturer specific

2 slides; widescreen Coming this fall



AEG Foundation flyers will be uploaded here as they are completed.  If there is one you need and it is not here, please email and we will prioritize updating or creating that flyer.

- Forms

Donation form (for printing and mailing with a check)