About AEG Foundation Scholarships & Grants

The AEG Foundation provides over 30 grants and scholarships each year to students and professionals, ranging from $500 to $5,000 each. We encourage and seek out applicants who bring diverse racial backgrounds, a variety of life experiences, and focus on a range of topics within environmental and engineering geology, from colleges and universities across the United States. Please see below for details on how to apply.


If you are a student seeking funds for tuition, field camp, and other financial support, please click here for the scholarship application portal. All scholarships are due January 15th each year.


If you are a professional seeking funds for field trips for your students or other professional support, please click here for the grant portal. Grant applications are accepted year round.

AEG Foundation Scholarships & Grants

Regional Scholarships:

Carolinas Scholarship (students studying or doing research in North or South Carolina)

Christopher C. Mathewson Texas Section Scholarship (students studying or doing research in Texas)

Robert J. Watters Great Basin Chapter Scholarship (students studying or doing research in Nevada)

West-Gray Scholarship (students studying or doing research in the eastern half of the United States)

General Scholarships:

Identity Based Scholarships:

Diversity Scholarship (Have a personal heritage of Black, Hispanic or Latino/a, Pacific Islander, and/or American Indian/Alaska Native)

Susan Steele Weir Scholarship (For women environmental and engineering geology students)

Field Camp Scholarships:

Beardsley-Kuper Geology Field Camp Scholarship

Tilford Field Studies Scholarship

Marliave Scholarship

Shlemon Quaternary Engineering Geology Scholarship (Graduate geology students in quaternary engineering geology)

Martin L. Stout Scholarship


Diversity Field Trips Grant (For junior-high school and high school Earth Science or STEM teachers who teach primarily Black, Hispanic or Latino/a, Pacific Islander, and/or American Indian/Alaskan Native students)

K-14 Education Fund Grant (Supporting geological education in earth science for elementary, middle, and high schools; and technical and community colleges)

AEG Foundation Scholarships

General Requirements for Scholarships:

  • AEG Foundation scholarship applications are accepted online or via email. Online submissions are preferred.
  • Applications with all supporting materials, including transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc. must be received by 11:59 PM EST on January 15th of each year. Note, for online submissions, requests for letters of recommendation will not be sent until the applicant has submitted his/her application.
  • A free membership through AEG is required. Even if you are already an AEG member, you must set up an account for this application separate from your AEG log-in.
  • AEG Foundation scholarship and grant applicants must be US residents, from US educational institutions to qualify.
Carolinas Scholarship
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AEG Foundation Grants

General Requirements:

  • AEG Foundation grant applications are accepted online and via email. Online applications are preferred.
  • Applications with all supporting materials are accepted year round.
060422 DEIC Field Trip @ Lamont Doherty Core Lab
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