AEG Foundation – History Part 1

(AEG) in 1993, the AEG Foundation was formed to serve as a financial platform to allow tax deductible charity and contributions to support and advance our profession. Dick Galster, John Williams & John Ivy had the vision to realize that an organized, tax-exempt qualified foundation would facilitate and promote the support of current and future Engineering Geologists using funds contributed by members for our profession who have the financial means and passion for Engineering Geology.

Today, the Foundation has evolved from 6 funds to over 20 funds growing into a financial resource to our profession of more than $1,100,000. The six founding donor funds consisted of the following:

  • Johnston – Administrative support
  • Marliave -Educational scholarships & workshops
  • Legget – Annual & special publications
  • Jahns – Developing & supporting public speaking
  • Gardner – Research grants, and
  • Eckel – Archiving key professional documents

The Foundation has been directly responsible for over $400,000 in scholarships and other financial support within our profession since its inception. The Foundation has grown dramatically with the support of many esteemed professionals to create additional funds and to support existing funds both financially and by publicizing them to eligible students. 

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